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Will Port in Credit ever arrive ?


Never received $150 Port in credit for each line as promised in the December 2014 Port -in promo if one signed up for 2 yr contract or Edge program. I switched from AT and T ( which by the way has much much better customer service)  only because of this port-in promotion and signed up for 2 years contract. In several occasion , i spoke to VZ customer rep; only to be told that I would get the credit in next month. It never happened and now they are saying I was not even eligible. I challenged last rep on this by asking why previous rep would find me eligible and all of a sudden I am not. She had no good answer and now pu me through some sort of Form submission to promotion department-- seriously ! Same company need to have another department approve this in this day and age and it will take 7-10 days ? !! Either VZ is utterly incompetent or intentionally dubious. I expected much better from company such as VZ. In next chance I am porting back to AT & T. See what others are saying about this Bait and Switch tactic by searching Port-in Credit either in this discussion board or Google it. Shameful .

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Re: Will Port in Credit ever arrive ?

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hellnature, we definitely want to you to take advantage of that amazing port in offer when transferring your line in from another carrier. Once your line is active on our network, it takes 2-3 bill cycles for that credit to be applied to your account. That credit will be applied to your account once the investigation form submitted for you, verifies your eligibility.

We apologize for this delay and hope that you reconsider your decision to leave to allow us to continue as your wireless provider.

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