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Wifi Call gets dropped after a few minutes


Wifi Calls drop after a few minutes in my home.  It happens on my wife's Galaxy S8+ and it happens on my new Note 9.  I'm really thinking it's something with the router in my home.  Just in case it's the same as yours I have a Linksys EA7300.  Firmware is up to date also.

I have very bad cell reception in my home so it always connects to calls over wifi and I can see that due to the wifi icon on the calls and call history screen.  It all sounds great until it just suddenly drops the call a few minutes in and then if I try to call the person back right away it won't even try to ring.  I have to then turn off my phone's wifi in order to get a call through.  After some time re-enabling the wifi lets it work some of the time again.

In addition, I do have fast 100MB/s + speeds and it's a very strong wifi signal in my home.

I'm thinking it's a port forwarding or blocking issue perhaps.

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Re: Wifi Call gets dropped after a few minutes


Me too! S8+ and now Note 10.

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