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Why not have a "Win You Back" Discussion Page?


How about a Win You Back Discussion Page???? That way we can discuss how we as former customers had been lied to!

It's sad you offer things then take them back when we try to use the option YOU Offered!

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Re: Why not have a "Win You Back" Discussion Page?

Líder Sénior

I Snorted when I saw the title....

I Left Verizon almost 2 years ago because they didn't offer the same discounts as ATT and were forcing us to buy new phones even though ours were paid for.

I Came back during a public promotional offer.

A Good rule of thumb, if the offer isn't given to ALL, you have no right to it and it will probably be denied up the ladder - which is probably the case here.

I Would go back to ATT if they had an advertised offer that was worth the move. 

ASking for special treatment is sure to fail, but I guess that's no surprise to you.