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Why is Verizon Wireless 100% unapologetic about their shady practices?


I had been looking into the Buy One Get One free offer for the Samsung Note 9 for about 3 weeks.  I researched the phone, educated myself on its features, learned the new operating system since I'm currently the owner of an iPhone.

I log in yesterday to move forward with the offer.  I would have been cancelling my line and being added onto another account with my SO.  She has an iphone as well.  It is an iphone 6 and also needs replacement.

I sign in online and the advertisement for Buy One Get One free is still there, it is still being advertised.  Arizona has consumer protection laws, one is for false advertising.  I've had to file only one other one in the past and I won easily. 

9/5/2018 is when it ended but that wasn't advertised on my end... it was still being offered.  I have screenshots to prove it.  I have video...i have the news on in the background proving 9/6/2018.   I go to order the phone and Im told its no longer offered.  This is a violation of current state law.   I have already submitted the claim to the Attorney Generals office and confirmed that they have received it. 

Why is Verizon 100% unapologetic about this and being downright rude to me over an error which is theirs to own?  Not only will Verizon end up reimbursing me for it, but they're also losing business once I cancel, and its a horrible story for something so easily fixed. 

I find it atrocious that companies as big as Verizon still act irresponsible and outside the law.  Especially when I have sent them all the evidence of the offer still being valid.  It's literally absurd.

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Re: Why is Verizon Wireless 100% unapologetic about their shady practices?

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Why are you wasting your AGs time? You have no case. You think your AG is going to make Verizon give you a Samsung BOGO? In a few days the new iPhone will be announces and they'll likely have BOGO for them. The Samsung promo was around for awhile you snooze you lose. You could also leave for another carrier. After all if you really think Verizon is shady why would you still want to be giving them your business.