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Why does "forward voice message" always fail due to "technical issues"


¿Qué exactly does this mean?  What are the limitations of forwarding a voice message?  I have had ONE message forwarded successfully to another phone during all the years I've had my account with Verizon Wireless.  Is there a document that outlines the rules of forwarding messages successfully?

One BIG problem is that the notifications telling me that a message forwarded has FAILED come days after I sent it. Yesterday, miraculously, they showed up within hours. However, that's the exception not the rule.

Grrr.  This latest fiasco concerns a hospitalized 86 year old relative and nobody got the message that I recorded and forwarded.  I don't need relatives jumping down my throat because I hadn't kept them updated even though I sent several messages.

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Re: Why does "forward voice message" always fail due to "technical issues"

Asistencia al cliente

Hello stacio!

Thank you so much for the post. I want to clarify the voicemail forwarding feature for you. I'm sorry that the functionality failed you in your time of need. I have a few questions to clarify what happened. ¿Qué tipo de dispositivo tienes? Are the people you forwarded messages to Verizon Wireless customers as well? Let us know so we can assist!


Katie H
VZW Support
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