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Re: Why does no one care about loyal customers???

I can't really decipher your story or make much sense of it. This part:

"I ordered 3 new phones for them - we decided to keep 2 and exchange the 3rd in this 2 week deceptive no worry time period.  I spoke with customer service over and over ad nauseum.  finally after the time had expired and there was still no resolution"

Where you said you "spoke to customer service over and over"...for what reason? What was the goal here? And the issue? Therefore, It is very unclear as to why the time expired. -- You do not specify at all.

I've only been a Verizon customer for 3 years. I chose Verizon because  their coverage area blows all the other carriers away I have paid my bill late numerous times and have even been scheduled for disconnection if my bill was not paid by a certain date....well on more than 1 occasion it was not shut off & I was able to pay it prior to disconnect - to me that's logical customer service. Also, I've never had a problem with customer service, they've always been extremely helpful and polite & I'm ashamed to say, I've even lost my temper with them when I was having problems adjusting to my new smartphone. -They STILL maintained their professionalism and NEVER were rude back. I apologized later but still. So I don't understand why so many "complaints". Sometimes we as consumers tend to be unreasonable, I've worked in customer service and know this to be true.  So maybe you ought to re read your post and clarify it no? Also as far as "customer loyalty" goes? I doubt Verizon  will cry over losing another irate, unreasonable $200 a month customer. People are switching carriers all the time! You will just be replaced with a more grateful customer - from experience with other carriers, I assure you of that. -- Just sayin'

- A happy customer

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