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Why does Verizon treat their customers so poorly?

I have referred countless people to verizon, and many of them have made the switch. However after the experience I had today I could never recommend anyone to verizon. My experience today has left me crying for the first time since I could remember. I am shocked and appalled that I was treated so poorly after being an extremely loyal customer for over 18 years! The manager I spoke to, Anthony, loves to bully. He purposely  uses offensive words, and after I told him those words offend me he kept on purposely using them, as if he was trying to see how long I will last. He said that they are not offensive and he is sorry if I get offended by them but he does not want to use other words.

Verizon messed up on shipping my phone and it costed me tens of thousands of dollars because it interfered with business. When I spoke the representatives, they were very nice and understanding, but when I was transferred this was not the case. The technical support agent, Josh from SC, was very rude so I asked to speak to his supervisor. As if josh wasn't bad enough, Anthony, his supervisor left me in tears. How can someone be so rude and heartless? He kept telling me that I am dumb for not going to the Apple store, and that Verizon is not who I should turn to for my phone needs. He said well if your APPLE device needs repair, then maybe you should look for an APPLE store and have APPLE fix your APPLE phone. He also said did you think talking to a supervisor was going to change anything?

After being so poorly treated for over an hour, I decided I want no part of Verizon Wireless anymore, so I asked him to terminate my service. He laughed mischievously, and then told me I have to pay countless termination fees in order to do so.

There is no reason for any human to be treated the way I was treated, especially one who has been so loyal and has made early payments for the past 18 years.

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Re: Why does Verizon treat their customers so poorly?
Líder Sénior

Since you didn't feel like sharing what the actual problem was, there is no way to tell if what you were told is the truth. In my experiences, though, whenever you have a problem with an Apple device it is best to have it handled by Apple. They are best at diagnosing/fixing problems with iPhones. Whether or not what was said to you was offensive is a matter of opinion. What offends some may not offend others. I have seen people that were simply offended when a CS rep simply didn't agree with a customer. Simply because a customer doesn't get what they want does not make the CS rep offensive. That a supervisor doesn't overturn a CS rep does not make the supervisor offensive. Sometimes the customer does not have realistic expectations.

Whether or not this is the case in your situation, we have no way of knowing as you failed to let us know what the actual problem was. Simply saying the CS rep/supervisor were offensive may or may not be the case OR it may actually be that they were only providing the service they were allowed or able to provide. Not fixing something they are unable to fix and pointing you to a location which would be better suited to assist you is simply helping you out.

Re: Why does Verizon treat their customers so poorly?

I agree. I read the whole post in the hope that there would be a problem that we could advice you on. Simply stating that the shipping was messed up doesn't help us help you.

I hardly believe that you could have lost tens of thousands of dollars over your phone not being shipped. If that is the case and you rely so heavily on you mobile phone to make that much money, I would kindly suggest that you have at least 2 other phones that function properly in the event of an emergency. Having only one device with no backup is poor planning for someone who needs it to make "tens of thousands of dollars".

If you would like to tell us what the actual problem is then we can try to help you. Otherwise, we can only guess that you were trying to get something unreasonable accomplished and that you are upset because Verizon wouldn't do it.

Re: Why does Verizon treat their customers so poorly?
Líder Sénior

amirk wrote:

Verizon messed up on shipping my phone and it costed me tens of thousands of dollars because it interfered with business.

This is a good point brought up by sprmankalel​. A business should have a backup. If it is IMPORTANT, i.e. could lose you "tens of thousands of dollars" in business, you should have a backup for your backup. Not having a $500-$1000(or even less because after all, it is only a backup and does not need to be a top of the line phone) backup phone which saves you "tens of thousands of dollars" in business is simply not a good business decision.

I do not have a business which would lose "tens of thousands of dollars" if my phone were to stop working, but even so I DO HAVE SEVERAL BACKUP PHONES for just such a case.Smiley Happy

Re: Why does Verizon treat their customers so poorly?
Asistencia al cliente

We never want to see an experience like this happen amirk. We want to ensure you're provided all the available option with the utmost respect each and every time. Please tell us more on what's happening with the phone and why it needs repairs.

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