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Why data usage during 4-5-6-7-8 AM daily while phone and data not used


Please see data usage on one of our phone as below. The highlight in red were data usage between 12:00 am mid-night to 8:00AM

We have 4 phones in the family and each phone was charged with data usage during 12:00 AM to 8:00AM in the morning. The total data usage on 4 phones can be easily over 2G.

Why are we being charged for the data, which we are not actually used.


HorarioUso de datos GigabytesMBKB 
06/16/201711:38 a.m.0.18909
06/16/20175:38 a.m.0.09509
06/15/201711:38 p.m.0.00542
06/15/20175:39 p.m.0.26639
06/15/20172:52 p.m.0.00001
06/15/201712:17 p.m.0.02200
06/15/20176:17 a.m.0.10709
06/15/201712:17 a.m.0.05570
06/14/20178:03 p.m.0.04813
06/14/20172:03 p.m.0.09279
06/14/20178:03 a.m.0.03085
06/14/20172:04 a.m.0.00016
06/14/201712:25 a.m.0.09619
06/13/20174:08 p.m.0.03243
06/13/201710:08 a.m.0.07090
06/13/20174:08 a.m.0.03924
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Re: Why data usage during 4-5-6-7-8 AM daily while phone and data not used

Asistencia al cliente

We can understand wanting to make sure your data is used when you want it to be. Are your phones connected to Wi-Fi?


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