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Why can't we call our office from any verizon phones?


Our office phone number is [Personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service]

We receive phone calls all day long.  Whenever someone calls our number from a phone number on the Verizon network then the call fails.  This is only from the Verizon network.  When I talked with Vitelity Communications, our wholesale trunk provider they stated that the issue is with Verizon.  They said that Verizon is not routing the number correclty.  If fact they said the call never hits there network

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Re: Why can't we call our office from any verizon phones?

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routing  is done by the carrier who own number not other way around...lets say that way if you call and don't receive call on your office but call go thru from your cell then look like carrier who own number having issue ....if you call vzw I bet it be blame on your carrier and they will blame vzw it be blaming game your carrier tell them to call vzw tec to verify ...sound like its wireline carrier issue but I might be wrong but hope fully not Smiley Happy

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