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Why I hate Verizon...


My husband passed away suddenly in April and I couldn't afford to stay in the house we had just bought. I cancelled my Fios service and it took 3 months to get the final bill of $551.75 straightened out. Really, 3 months?? All because one department doesn't communicate with another and what they enter into their computer gets completely lost somehow and disappears.

Then I was told that a Supervisor had waived the early termination fee of $170 due to my circumstances. Come to find out that a committee of Supervisors in the Finance Dept denied the request because the bill is in my name and not my husband's. Thanks for the sympathy Verizon and for lying to me.

Now because I'm really not happy with Verizon's business practices, and because I've had more dropped calls than ever since upgrading to a Smartphone Galaxy s3, I want to cancel my Verizon Wireless as well and switch to less-expensive-but-same-service T-Mobile. The $250 early termination fee isn't even daunting me at this point.

I am so fed up with Verizon that I just want out and will never EVER have them again.

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