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Why Am I Being Charged To Return My Phone?


I've been a Verizon then vzw customer for at least 15 years, five or six family lines average 250$ bill every month for 15 years!!!! I returned a malfunctioning i-phone6 with the return label via ups, 2 days after I received the replacement phone,

a week later a text about "returning the device....if you've already returned it, ignore this message",

so I ignored it

a week later, same message, once again, I obey and since I did return it, I ignore

2 weeks later a text message that I'm to be billed for failure to return the device,

i call and its explained that they see its in warehouse, received, and will have credit issues,

today I received my bill, and I'm shocked to see they've billed me 549$!!!!!

i call, and after sime run around I'm told they initiated a "return inquiry",

aounds like I'm about to get shafted, after all these years as a loyal customer, ill be switching carriers

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Re: Why Am I Being Charged To Return My Phone?

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I can understand the confusion and frustration.

A good thing to keep in mind with dealing with things like this ($100+) potential credits a representative would have to give it needs to go through the proper process. Any company would not be able to afford giving $500 to any customer who "claims" it is in the warehouse.

Remember that the warehouse is not in the same building, and in some cases (based on location) that particular rep could be hundreds of miles away from it. They are unable to just call downstairs and have them check. They need to file a "Return Inquiry" which goes to the warehouse and they check to see if they received it.

Its also good to have the Return Tracking Number. If it shows as delivered to Verizon Wireless then you can provide that to the representative to prove it was handed off.

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Re: Why Am I Being Charged To Return My Phone?


Just give them a call, provide your tracking info and follow up.  You did ship it with insurance and tracking correct?

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