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Who to file a formal complaint with?


Does anyone know the contact information to file a formal complaint with Verizon about their practices in general as well as specifically related to the International Dialing Department (or Core or maybe Corp, as I believe the unhelpful representatives that I spoke with referred to it)? In February, Verizon did not properly process a payment causing it to be late. This apparently "hotlined" our account and as such, I am not able to use my phone while traveling out of the country this week without charging astronomical per minute charges. So, for 10 days, I will be paying for a wireless service that I cannot even use. We are ***6 days*** away from the end of this ridiculous "hotline" period, yet they will not authorize international calling. I'm done with Verizon. We have been customers for 15 years and they couldn't care less. That's fine, another company will be happy to take our business, I'm sure.

They wasted an hour of my time to tell me "there's nothing they can do"... right. So, when we get back, my mother, husband, anyone else within ear shot that will listen, and I will be leaving Verizon unless they can make this right.

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Re: Who to file a formal complaint with?

The correspondence address is listed in the link. Contact Us | Verizon Wireless

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.