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Where to send my small claims court notice against Verizon?


Dear Verizon,

Can you kindly tell me the correct address to send my claim from the Conciliation Court (small claims) of Otter Tail County against Verizon Wireless? I have been trying to obtain my rebate of $672 from Verizon for over 6 months. The rebate center has told me on two occasions that they have everything needed to process my rebate, then contact me and ask me to sent the label information in again. I did so again for the third time, and have received no response.

I am tracking everything in writing, so please do respond back to me in writing. I have the initial emails from a manager at Verizon after the sales person did not send me the rebate information, copies of (rude) chat logs with Verizon customer service, and copies of my emails to the Rebate Center.

I will be suing Verizon Wireless for $672 plus any expenses allowed by the court. Your company has wasted much of my valuable time, and from what I read on this forum, has also done the same to many other customers.

Darla [Removed]

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