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Where's the Money?


I was a customer with Verizon for many years leaving this past spring for a better deal with a competing phone carrier. This summer I was drawn back to Verizon's better coverage area and the promise of $100 for each line and $200 for every phone. Coming back to Verizon has been a nightmare. First, the new phones I ordered were lost which took a while to figure out while maintain the pricing and plan I was offered. One of the phones we ordered was broken when we turned tried to turn it on which they almost didn't believe us until the woman at the store saw the new phone shut down. Then, I never received the return labels for the devices we were turning in to get the $200. After a lot of phone calls and emails, I finally got the return label. We sent the phones into Verizon and nothing. When I called about two months later to check on the $200 gift card status, they did not believe that I was offered the $200 deal for each phone I traded in. They told me to wait a week before calling back so they could check the phone records to make sure I was actually offered this deal. In essence, making sure I was not lying. So I waited a week, they related that I was offered the deal but said they had no record of receiving my phones and I would need to give them the device ID numbers or tracking numbers to check with their system. I called back my old carrier and found the ID numbers as requested. I called Verizon back and they said they had no record of these phones being received in their system. They said I needed the USPS tracking number. I asked if they had a record or copy of the tracking sheet they sent me and they said no, just a record that one was sent. My husband who works in shipping contacted USPS, they said Verizon should have a copy of the tracking number they are requesting when from when they printed the return label. After many phone calls, I asked if we are unable to find the tracking number would they would still honor their offer of $200 a phone if I found 3 different phones to trade in. They said I would need to talk to a store manager and see if they would help me out. I have spent more then 3.5 hours on the phone trying to get this figured out. Some of the customer service people I've talked have been wonderful and tried to be helpful although it seems that Verizon customer service reps are pretty powerless to help anybody. Some have been less then helpful. A manager actually hung up on me when I asked for his name and his supervisors name. The protocol Verizon has in place treats people like they are liars and thieves. They lose their own shipping code labels then blame it on the customer. T-Mobile does a much better job treating people like humans and actually wanting our business. I have lost trust and faith in Verizon. If you are looking for a cellular phone company, I advise going elsewhere.

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Re: Where's the Money?

Community Manager
Community Manager

FreesMK, this breaks my heart to read. I want to make sure that we have a chance to get us back on the right path. You mentioned the recommendation of speaking with a store manager. Did this transaction take place originally in a store or over the phone? We have also sent you a Private Message so we can get some account specifics. Please respond there. Hope to hear from you soon.
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