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Where can I send a formal complaint to the corporate office?


I am extremely upset with the poor customer service that I have received by telephone, chat and most of all by the employees of the Clive, Iowa store off University.   For the past 3 months, yes 3 months and a customer of over 7 years with 3 telephones in contract and a Galaxy Pad under Verizon, I would have expected to be treated as a loyal customer.  However, for the past months, I have been told I was lying and basically embarrassed publicly today (by the supervisor on duty at the Clive store).  I have had phone records pulled to prove that I was offered was I was offered and when called back to in fact inform me that I was correct, I did not receive an apology, but belittled to say "We do not offer these types of plans, but I "GUESS" since this was offered than we will honor it.   Same scenario tonight.   Went to the Clive location, basically giving up and telling them to go ahead and give me the early upgrade to the iphone 4, because after my 5-6 replacement (Motorola droid), I do not want to deal with it again.   Please note I was hesitate to the early upgrade because I actually wanted the iphone 5 due to it being a new model, but the cost was $299, in which I was unsure at that time, if I could afford it.  Unfortunately, due to finances and looking over things I decided to just accept the free phone, hence that is why I went to the store tonight.  The supervisor than informed me that he would not give me the early upgrade and it was not notated in my account that 2-3 weeks ago I was offered this by the same store.   When I asked him to talk with the rep that helped me, the rep was pulled over and stated that I was offered this by the other supervisor that was not working that night.   The supervisor behind the counter than started to get out a calcaluator after I was in tears and told me that he was trying to negotiate with me.  I told him, I did not want to negotiate, but just wanted to get my phone to the iphone 4, so I did not have to deal with the issues I have been have for months with my droid.   After, many tears and almost hyper ventilating, I told him I could not do this anymore and asked for his supervisor's phone number, which he gave me and I walked out crying, while I had a crowd of people staring at me.   It was humiliating and so uncalled for.   Verizon Wireless will never receive my loyalty back and I am truly mortified at this situation.   I hope and pray that this NEVER happens to anyone and that VW learns that this is not how you treat a customer that pays them for their services for over 7 years!

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Re: Where can I send a formal complaint to the corporate office?

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7 years or 7 days, it makes no difference.  All customers are of equal value to Verizon.  I am not aware that they give early upgrades, especially on IPhones.  I thought Apple did not allow early upgrades.

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Re: Where can I send a formal complaint to the corporate office?

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v5 is correct, Apple does not allow early upgrades to their devices.

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Re: Where can I send a formal complaint to the corporate office?

Empleado de Verizon

Hey there family5,

I appreciate your continued support over the past seven years and you're 100% correct there is no reason that you should have been treated the way you were.  I will submit feedback over to the store location so that corrective action can be taken.  All of your experiences with us should be positive and I want to make sure that is what happens from here going forward.

I am sorry to hear about the issues that you had with the Motorla Droid.  In these cases, we normally don't offer early upgrades, but I understand that is what the store offered you and I would like to investgate this further.

Can you please follow me and dm me your mobile number? I would like to reach out to you to get the complete story of what happened so I can submit the proper feedback and see what I can do to restore your faith in Verizon Wireless.  No one should be treated like this and I want to make sure that it never happens again.


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