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Where are my receipts?


Verizon service......

Since October 2014 Verizon has ceased to send receipts for my pre-paid services and documentation of these financial transactions.  I literally have to contact support every month for a copy of my receipt.  Support tells me today that I must call monthly to get my financial receipts for service as they are no longer being sent unless you are part of "contract services".  So for the 3+ years I have had my iPad and automatically receiving receipts for services I have to call for them. This sounds more like customer inconvenience vs. customer service.  I am also told I cannot be listed as an ACCOUNT OWNER to view this information on my online account as that is also part of "contract services" and not available to the common-ers.

Verizon- this is NO WAY to conduct business by telling your customers they have to call for a receipt each month.  WHY would you change your processes of sending receipts automatically and STOP sending them and NOT make them available online? Is this really your level of customer service  you provide now???? Shameful and seems shady.  It is great you have ZERO problems taking my money automatically yet you cannot provide a receipt in the year 2015?

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