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When to start a global data plan?

I'm going to be traveling out of the country for 3 weeks.  I want to get the global plan for the trip, but my billing cycle ends part-way through my trip.  Is there any way to have the full 100 mb etc apply for the entire 3 weeks of my trip?   Or is it best to have it start on the 1st day of my trip, and then it gets pro-rated?

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Re: When to start a global data plan?
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Thanks so much for reaching out to us on the forums. Three weeks sounds like a great trip! We want you to be able to make the most of it, and being able to use your data is paramount. It sounds like you already have a basic understanding of how it works with your bill cycle date happening during your trip.

You definitely can prorate it if you like. Doing so will give you two separate allowances, one before the cycle date and one after. The allowances will be linked to how many days the feature is active. For example, half a month would cost half the price and you'd get 50MB instead of 100MB. Using this method, you actually can prorate for as many days of the month as you'd like. So if you know you want to have more data for the first or second part of the month, you can leave the feature active for extra days to provide you the larger allowance. Otherwise, if you'd like to just have 100MB before and after the cycle, you can backdate the feature and leave it active for both billing periods. I hope this information helps.


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