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What should my bill look like?


I recently switched from a more everything to verizon plan.

Old plan was 2gb 40.00 with 1 smartphone, 1 basic and 1 ipad.

Phones were free with 2yr contract and the ipad was paid for outright.

Contract started 5/14. So there was 6mo. left.

New plan 3gb 45.00 , 1 smartphone 15.83per month,  basic phone from previous plan and same ipad.

The old smart phone is being sent back to verizon as part of the deal.

What should my bill look like before taxes and fees?

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Re: What should my bill look like?

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Help is here! Making sure that you understand all of the charges on your account is crucial. I know when I make changes to my account, I always want to know the specifics. To provide accurate details, I'm going to send you a Private Message. Please respond to me only in the Private Message to continue. I look forward to working with you.

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Re: What should my bill look like?

Líder Sénior

Based on the info you provided:

$45  for 3GB data, unlimited minutes and texting

$20 line access for the new smartphone

$20 line access for the basic phone

$10 line access for the iPad  (you can remove this since you paid for it outright, use on wifi only and save the $10)

$15.83 Device payment plan

Before taxes and fees:  $110.83

Depending on when you did this deal, there may be plan prorating charges, partial charges for the old and the new plan, but after the initial bill it should be $110.83 + taxes and fees (Add insurance if you have it).