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What's going on in St. Louis?


Are there any known issues in St. Louis, MO? I've been dropping calls, having undelivered text message, having poor voice quality, and intermittent data service for the past few months. These issues seem to be getting worse with time. I was using a Galaxy Note 2 and now have Galaxy Note 3, with no difference between the two. Is anyone in this area having similar issues? Thanks in advance.


Jamieson Avenue and Nagel Avenue, 63109 (very poor voice quality, dropped calls)

Sunset Hills Plaza, 63127 (frequent switching between LTE, 3G, and 1X networks, sometimes no service at all; used to be solid LTE)

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Re: What's going on in St. Louis?

Community Manager
Community Manager

You deserve great service wilsedw. I verified there are no reported issues in the area. Whenyou experience difficulties with your service are you indoors or outdoors? Can you try then test service.

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