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What is up with retention team?


What is up with that?  I called and explained that i am unemployed and I wanted to make arrangements.  They did make some but made the arrangement for a lot of $.  So i ask why can't i pay a certain amount they say something about a new policy.  I was like what the hell?  So there is some new policy made up by the big wigs that makes things harder on people that may  experience some money issues.  Good job I really appreciate it (sarcasm).  It seems all these big wigs care about is your $, customer satisfaction is no longer important.   God forbid I have money issues its not like i'm not trying to pay but the arrangements as of recent to help me catch up are total crap.  VZW was more flexible a while back but not anymore.  There has been a lot of issues as of recent and if it keeps happening I going to another carrier. 

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