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What is this $5 charge?


I have the $60 prepaid plan for my iPhone, and my last balance was $60 (logically). But all of a sudden my next bill is $65. I haven't come close to going over my data and have unlimited text and minutes. I'm further confused because I got a text from Verizon saying my $5 Auto Pay bonus has been added to my account - meaning my bill should be CREDITED $5 instead of being CHARGED $5 - but the fine line for receiving the $5 Auto Pay bonus is that the auto pay be in the amount of $80 or more.

So, I am thoroughly confused. If this matter isn't solved online I will go to the nearest Verizon store and get it straightened out.


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Re: What is this $5 charge?

Asistencia al cliente

rocketbunny, sorry for this confusion. It's important to us that you have an accurate bill expectation every month with prepaid service. Have you had a chance to view the itemized detailed bill online at My Verizon? This would give you a better understanding of the credits/charges on your bill and confirm the actual pricing of your calling plan.

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