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What do I do with my deposit?


Hello, I need you guys help really.

I am an international student, so I don't know the typical process of US things, so please aware of this and help me

I disconnected verizonwireless service and asked for the deposit refund.

Then, the verizon wireless service sent me a green invoice, which my deposit amount is shown.

What do I do with this?

Since I don't know anything with how this refund works, currently the green invoice is just a sheet of paper that $400 is written.

I'm back to Korea and won't be going back to US there for about a year.

In my current situation, what should I do to get the real deposit? not on the sheet of paper

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Re: What do I do with my deposit?

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The green sheet of paper says what on it? Sometimes the check is attached to the payment advice.  The top part states what is being paid if anything in as much it can be they took the $400 from you for cancellation charges, last bill charges, early termination fees etc.  Sorry I cannot help you more.  Good Luck

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Re: What do I do with my deposit?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hola Yklee,

Great question! It's important to make sure you get your deposit back. Have you received your final bill from Verizon Wireless? Once the account has been disconnected, you will receive a final bill. The security deposit will remain on the account for 3 bill cycles just in case any delayed charges occur. After 3 bill cycles from the final bill, the deposit is released back to your account, and a check is mailed out for the credit balance on the account. Make sure that you have mail access to the address that was listed on the account. Have a great day!

Pamela F.
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