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Website unavailable ALL the time now?


How do I fix my browser? I have a Droid Charge.  Whenever I search I always get the message, webpage unavailable! Every webpage cannot be unavailable all the time! It never used to do that until recently.  Worst phone ever! Telephone call sound way too low I can't hear it without speakerphone, then people have a hard time hearing me.

I am in the Billings Mt area and it just recently upgraded to 4G supposedly, but it does not seem any faster than 3G was!  Shalah

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Re: Website unavailable ALL the time now?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there Shalah!

Your web pages should be available! I hope you're not experiencing your difficulties any longer, but just in case I wanted to provide some options!

I checked Billings and I am showing a 4G footprint there. I'm concerned about your connection to the network as a whole.

I would recommend powering off the device, pulling the battery, pulling the sim card. Leave them out for about 10 seconds. Put it all back together and power the phone back on. This will reactivate the phone to the network.

If you're confident you're not going to be near any Canadian or Mexican borders or go international try turning on your Data Roaming to "this trip only":

Let me know how this is working out!


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