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Was about to start new service but...


I was in a verizon authorized reseller store last week, filled out my information for the credit check and was told i would have a $0 deposit. I told the sales rep i would be back the next day to begin service and asked if they would need to re run my credit. He stated no, this is good for 30 days. That is where my trouble began... Long story short, they did not have the phone that i was looking for and when i attempted to fill my order online i suddenly had to do another credit check. I followed through and then contacted the Verizon customer service to let them know that i was very unhappy with having to refile and that I would not be committing to the order online. I went back to the authorized reseller to see if they could get the phone in for me that I was looking for, he said that was no problem and noted it in my information (still with a $0 deposit). I then called verizon to ensure that my online order had not been processed and come to find out, i now magically had a $400 deposit also noted. The rep then told me that I only had one credit report run. I then immediately returned to the authorized reseller, who then pulled up my information and...$400 deposit was now all of a sudden due. He then attempted to contact verizon, they said they would not restore the original deposit and then told him that it always said $400. Now, this person is the GM of his store and his assistant manager also saw that my deposit amount due was $0, they also saw how it magically turned into $400 after I called customer service and complain. To make matters worse, even though they have the $0 deposit on file and stated it was good for 30 days, verizon refused to remove the deposit fee. I have called customer service, gone into a verizon store, and have returned to the resellers location...nothing has been done, and the only people willing to help are from the original shop that I went to. Even their manager told was told by verizon they would not wave the $400. This is bad for business....

OH, and interestingly enough. I am unable to contact verizon legal, and according to a store manager for verizon wireless they have no contact information. Also, they (the store manager of Verizon wireless) stated "They should wave that $400, it is in writing that you had a $0 deposit and that is good for 30 days. I even saw the two credit reports run, and now whenever i pull it up there only shows one."

So, has anyone else had Big Red pull a fast one on them? Because I am pretty sure this is not legal...

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