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Want to compare Max vs More Everything plans


I have been a Verizon wireless customer since 2002.  I got an Apple iPhone 4 back in April 2011 with unlimited minutes for $69.99, unlimited data for $29.95, 1000 texts for $10, extended warranty for $10.  I am paying for a paper bill, and obviously all the other taxes and fees.  Runs around $135 a month.

In June the power button on my phone died - which means I can't turn it off or do a screen shot.  So I called Tech Support to get them to send me a refurbed phone for the $400 in extended warranty payments I've made since April 2011.  The young lady on there tried to upsell me to a 5s.  When I told her I didn't want to lose my unlimited data plan, she told me about the Max plan - quoted me $30 for 6GB of data, and $50 for 8 GB of data plus a mobile hotspot.  Then she told me I could turn in my old iPhone 4 in the store for $100.  She mentioned some other charges which I didn't write down at the time.

But when I got off the phone, I realized that I couldn't turn in my iPhone 4 with the busted power button and get any money back on it.  So I called back and got them to send me a refurbed iPhone 4 to swap for the one that had a busted power button.  Then I'd take that newly refurbed phone in and get the exchange value.

When the 5s showed up, it was in the Apple box, but in a much larger box that had ZERO padding in it.  I didn't like the idea that my new phone was just bouncing around in the box with the screen pressed up against the inside of the Apple box - it could get damaged that way.  This happened to a ground-glass on a $1000 view camera back in 1979, so I could see it happening to an iPhone.  So I sent it back - figuring I'd get one in a store.  Even though I wanted to go back to my old contract, they somehow screwed up my old contract and gave me a new contract start day.  Besides, I was hearing some things about the new iPhone 6 and wondered if I wouldn't be happier with the newer phone over the 5s.

Flash forward to August and September, when I finally got the straight dope on how to apply for an employee discount.  You do it on line not over the phone or in the store.  It seems that the CS people on the phone or the salespeople in the stores don't know how you go about applying for an employee discount - they just flat-out told me I wasn't eligible.  Which ticked me off.  It took close to 7 weeks to finally get to the bottom of things.

But now I want to order a new iPhone 6plus but I can't get anyone to tell me how much my monthly bill would be with  EITHER the 6GB or the 8 GB Max plan vs the More Everything Plan.  I will not be using the Edge plan at all.  No one can or wants to write anything down and tell me about the Max plan.

The tech person in June told me that Max 6GB was $30 and the 8GB with mobile hotspot was $50 - this I presume would be BEFORE my employee discounts.  My extended warranty would be $10.  What about the other charges?

Compare that to the More Everything plan - Monthly smartphone access is $40, and the 6GB of data is $80 - right at $120 without the extended warranty or anything else.

So I'd like to find out what OTHER things I'd get billed for if I signed up with the Max plan.  Because if I don't get any reasonable answers from Verizon soon, I plan to price out unlimited data plans on competitors systems.  Or just pay full pop retail for an iPhone 6 Plus and switch phones with the unlimited data plan I have now.  So can I get some definitive answers from Verizon about the total cost of the Max plan for me?

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Re: Want to compare Max vs More Everything plans

Líder Sénior

You would still pay the $70 for unlimited calls and $10 for texts. 

How how much data do you typically use?   Why not considering edge?  The edge payment plan can end up saving money since per line cost goes down $15 to $25.  In fact, 10 GB ends up cheaper than 6 or 8 GB.