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Very unhappy. Words of advice from my experience with Verizon.


Really bad experiences with Verizon Wireless customer service.

Long story short: I had a defective phone, which I returned but it got lost in the mail, or stolen. It never showed at the return facility. That's how I found out that the company can;t track their own mailing labels. If anyone is returning anything to them make copies of the labels and all save a copy of everything they send for mailing.

Verizon began charging me  $499 fro the old HTC one. Market value is maybe $200.

Refusing to pay, they said file a complaint with USPS. USPS told me I can't complain, every company should be able to track their returned goods.

Finally Verizon agreed to let me return the phone for a credit and they issued me new labels. Having learned my lesson I called them the day I mailed it to have them NOTE the tracking number.

This time the phone showed up at the return facility. I went out and bought another phone for $100.

However Verizon now denies that they told me I could return the phone, and not only will they be able to return the very expensive phone that I now have to pay for, they won't even waive reconnection fees from all the times my service was interrupted for not paying for the returned device.

I'm leaving this company as soon as I can.

I feel very badly mistreated.

As a warning: record any conversation with them if they are telling you they have something solved, or telling you can return your phone for credit for example.

They took my phone, made me buy another one, then charged me full retail for the one I returned and they won't send it back. I'll never get back the hours I spent on hold (at least 8 hours by my calculations) trying to resolve this or the people that called when they disconnected my service repeatedly.

If I could get out of this endentured servitude contract I would and never look back. I've been a customer since 2003.

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