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Very important feedback! (Prepaid)


I was on the phone with many different Verizon numbers for about a total of 1:47:00  and I spoke to many people about my phones issues just to get told that I have to wait 3-5 business days because of an error that Verizon tech made?! That's a bit upsetting and fills me with abhorrence.  I was hung up on multiple times and felt like some of the people who were working there were a bit inept. Except Mike from level 1 porting he was super cool.

The initial issue was that when I restarted my device after the successful port it said that the SIM card could not be read, and right now I'm stuck without a number at all on the device except a temporary number which is the number I'm getting rid of. (I can't make in/out calls because there is no number on the device, just the account.) The funny thing is I contacted the chat and they said that my number failed to port, so everyone was confused. Now I'm just waiting as I was told to do.

I have some important business calls to recibe, so I really hope that whatever error happened during the porting of my phone is fixed soon. The polite woman on the prepaid support line said it is the rough estimate of 3-5 business days, but I really hope that it gets fixed by this afternoon which is what she said could possibly happen.  I'm also aware that there really isn't much else that can be done.

At the moment my device is powered off, and the whole reason why I did this post was to blow off some steam and hopefully maybe make someone notice that there was a huge mess-up.

Sorry for such a rude post, but I just felt like leaving some constructive feedback.   -Pat Smiley Sad

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Re: Very important feedback! (Prepaid)

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There are a few easy steps to take here.  You can call the porting department 888-844-7095 and or you can go to a corporate store to get a free SIM replacement and they will also speak to the same porting number above on your behalf.  I had to do the same and walked out of the store with 100% functioning service.  Reference this solution on this page:  Thinking about switching to Prepaid, researching details Prepaid vs Postpaid

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