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Verizon sends account to collection with not one bill or phone call?


My husband had opened an account for his family and decided to close it due to them not being able to pay him monthly. He immediately paid all outstanding charges and closed the account. For the next 4 months, the last bill being December 2016, he receives bills stating there is a balance of -1280.00. He calls trying to get a refund for over payment or get the credit transferred to our main account. On January 2017, he receives a letter from a collection agency for 118.00. When we called Verizon to verify the swing in balance, they said they have no history since the account is closed and they can't help with the charges or even explain them. Phone rep suggested we go to the Verizon store, same result there the associate looked up the account with the newest bill and just gave us the number to the collection company. The frustrating part is now I have to deal with a collection agency when Verizon never called, sent an email or a bill for theses charges. Has anybody had any luck resolving any similar situation?  Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Verizon sends account to collection with not one bill or phone call?

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It disappoints me to hear about your experience. I wouldn't be happy if I received a letter from a collection agency. I'll be happy to help and look into this for you. Please check your Private Message.

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