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Verizon refusing to honor Black Friday prices?


I had a bona fide deal offered by email on Black Friday. I agreed to purchase a Galaxy S6 for $15.66 per month for 24 months ($376) which is a really good deal.

It took over 4 hours to order as the Verizon portal kept crashing and then kept trying to charge the incorrect sales tax amount. So after three sessions on the phone with customer service and several sessions on the internet, I finally was able to complete the order online. I received an order confirmation email.  And then nothing...  That was November 27 and this is December 3.  No phone, no nothing.

I went online to check the status of the order and the system said it couldn't process my request now.  I called customer service and the young lady had me on the phone waiting while "her system was slow" and "reading the notes in the account" for over 40 minutes. Then she said my order was never processed and she had to find out why. Another 10 minutes. Then she said her supervisor needed to cancel the original order so they could reorder the phone. They also said they needed to charge the shipping fee of 19.99 but would give me a bill credit for that. OK, go ahead, I say. Another 10 minutes while I give her all the shipping information she already has. While she's doing what ever the hell she's doing, I get an email asking me to confirm the order on the new phone at $476!!  [removed]??!!  I explained to her that the price was incorrect and that she needed to honor the Black Friday price that they already screwed up. She says that the phone is now $20 a month and the online price is $476.  I ask for the supervisor and she says "the supervisor has the same information I do". What the [removed] did you say?

I hung up before my speech devolved into epithets and swearing and will try back tomorrow when I'm more calm.

¡Manténte conectado!

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