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Verizon live chat agent Lied to me


Hello All

I have been a customer of Verizon going all the way back to ALLTEL over 20 years. On 6-4-19 I was going to upgrade my wife's and my phones. I checked the Verizon stores but they had specials for existing customers. I looked online and decided to open the live chat function. The Verizon Agent looked at my account and offered me a deal on two Samsung S10. I was told that the deal was only through the Agent and would not be offered in stores or online. The promotion for being a good customer was half off each phone. I was told by the agent that my monthly payments would be $174 a month. I made the purches and was happy with the phones and deal.

Fast forward to the first bill and it was over $225 Verizon was charging full price for the phones. I thought it was a simple mix up and would be easy to fix. I went online opened up a chat and spoke to an agent. The agent looked up my account said that the promotion was listed and should start in one to two billing cycles. I said OK the Agent that sold me the phones did not mintion that but I am fine with the expiation.

Now it has been 4 billing cycles and still being charged full price. I called Verizon spoke to a agent for over an hour. Now Verizon is stating that they have no record of the promotion, no record of the chat where I purchased the phones. They can see the second chat but are not going to do anything. I did not copy the first chat so I don't have a record.

I assume that the first agent lied to make a sale. And the second agent lied to get me off the chat. I am not sure what to do. I am considering complaining to the Better Business Bureau.

I have always had good experiances with Verizon until now but this takes the Cake.