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Verizon gsm phone - using non-Verizon sim card


I am looking into buying a new phone which I can use abroad (Europe) with local carriers.

I would like to stay with Verizon as my US carrier.

I am looking for a clear answer (ideally from Verizon) to the following.

1) What steps must be taken to use one of "Verizon's" cdma/gsm phones abroad on a gsm network with a different carrier?

2) Which Verizon phones may I simply add a 3rd party sim card into (when not in the US) and use for all the same services I have here - specifically voice/text/data?

I have read reports of Verizon customers having difficulty using their cdma/gsm phones abroad - and sometimes being restricted to voice/text (no data).

I've read a bit about APN data.  But rather than relying on 3rd party sites.  Where can I get answers to these questions from Verizon?  (In lieu of that, answers from this community are certainly welcome.)

I feel I am not getting clear information from customer support.

Perhaps this information exists somewhere, but I cannot find it.

Any help would be great.  Thanks.

(Specifically, I am thinking of the GalaxyS4 and maybe MotoX phones. But these questions above are general.  Finding something written on Verizon's site will give me more assurance when/if I purchase a phone from them, than slightly varying reports from their customer support chat-team.)

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Re: Verizon gsm phone - using non-Verizon sim card

Líder Sénior

I believe the only restriction when it comes to global phones is you must be a customer in good standings (no late payments, suspensions and such) for 60 days. Then VZW will unlock the phone to accept ONLY sim cards from other countries.(You can not use an ATT or TM sim card in the phone and switch companies)

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