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Verizon employee tried to scam me - messed with wrong influencer


I went to a Verizon store recently to pick up an iphone that I had ordered online.

My girlfriends mother ended up putting my phone on her card and before we went in to pick up the phone, we asked customer service 3 times to confirm. "Do we need to have a credit card to pick up the phone"

The answer was always no.

As soon as we got there the people at the front desk told us that we need the card and since we didn't have the card on us, we would need to order the phone again.

We told them that we didnt understand how this is possible since over the phone they told us that we could pick it up with just an ID of someone who had management privileges on the account ( my girlfriend).

While we were registering our new phone ( again) the person we were dealing with we felt was acting overly friendly.

We told him that we didnt' want insurance on the phone, he ended up adding it anyways without our permission. He's not allowed to choose that option for us. We were told by Verizon on the phone that he needs to allow us to tap on the Ipad to accept it, whether or not we want the insurance. He hid it from us and accepted it for us without our consent.

We went back to the store to ask them why they had added it. They told us it was a "mistake" and that it would be taken off our bill. We ended up checking later that night and it still wasn't taken off. So he lied again to us.

He even went so far to fold the print out of our total fees in half because he didnt want us to see the extra charges.

We're guessing that he did all of this so that they could earn a commission on the sale. The entire staff was in on this scheme because they could all hear him blatantly lying to us.

Little does he know that I am one of the most followed people on Snapchat in the world, and I have a ton friends who are internet influencers. We're currently in the works of making a production that will bring all of this shadiness to light.

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Re: Verizon employee tried to scam me - messed with wrong influencer


You're one of the most followed people on SC, but don't have your own card to pay for your own phone? Yes you do need to have the card owner with their card present.

I am on SC and I've never heard of you.