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Verizon does not care, their employees are used car salesman, they either need to go back to school, or they are trained to lie.


Nothing you have said to me yet changes the facts.  WISEGUYS said it good in one forum,

One rep [Removed] guy here in Perry Fl actually said Verizon is so big they don't care.  Only because we traded the phone at another dealership in Largo Fl.

First of all there was this gimmick to get us back into their store in Largo where we bought the hone from them.   Our old one was the one that stayed hot all the time.  So we were ready to get rid of it.  They sent a text about an anniversary they were having with free giveaways.  I guess the giveaway was the pizza with sugar ants on it.  No need to say, we got no free giveaway.  They are like used car salesman.  They say what you want to hear, but did deliver in the end.

It is my opinion that this Paisley [Removed] in Largo Florida lied to us.  She said we could buy out our old phone and they would give us 169.00 for a new phone.  And that our phone bill would be reduced in the end by 44.00.  We have 4 phones and one tablet.  But 2 of those phones were not Verizon phones and I had insurance on them. She said Verizon would not cover the insurance on phones not theirs. Is that the truth? The only thing she ended up doing for us, was taking the insurance off phones that she said was not theirs.  How can you charge insurance for phones that you won't cover??? 

So I ended up paying 300.00 that day.  Paisley said all I had to do, was go home and sign on to get the buy out.  I kept wondering, why could we not do this there?  This is a reason.

Jsck1701 nailed this 2 years ago about [Removed] the customers about recycling the phone.  They were supposed to buy my phone back.  When in reality they should have recalled it.  It got hot even during nonuse of the phone.  I was given directions on the website to trade in and  I followed them.  Verizon listed our phone for 50.00.  Surely I needed a promotion code that Paisley did not give me.  So I called Ms.. Paisley [Removed]and she said she was wrong.  Sorry, too bad, so sad.  Bad education or not???  Did I want to turn everything back in and get my money back. I agreed 20.00 savings a month was worth getting rid of that old phone, because I was hours away.  But hey, wait a minute.  Isn't a signed contract worth anything these days??  Oh no, because I said ok.  But now when I've had a few weeks to think about it and talk to other NON Verizon, it's not OK.

We have been with Verizon for so long now, I don't even know,I'm considering leaving.  You're question to me was ...What can you do for me to make it right?  Answer these questions in this forum first.  FIRE PAISLEY, I truly dislike a liar.  Honor your original deal.  Was the insurance on non Verizon phones good?  If not you owe me back pay for years of insurance.  If' it's good, hey too bad so said for you.  Put the insurance back on the phones and move my phone bill down to 204.00 a month like you promised.  But also, that phone should have been a free trade in for a defaulted phone.  Which had been worked on twice, and traded recently.  Which means it as a new phone, so 169.00 does not nearly cover it, so you now need to reduce my bill less the new phone.

Verizon is in breach of contract, we were written a faulty contract.  You're consideration was for Verizon, not the customer.  You have made millions and billions off of us, and some of us have been loyal to you.  Where is the loyalty to us?

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Re: Verizon does not care, their employees are used car salesman, they either need to go back to school, or they are trained to lie.

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This is concerning to read, as all of our store representatives should be professional at all times. Do you recall if this was a corporate location, or an authorized retailer that you visited? I ask because an authorized retailer can have their own promotions outside of what we offer, including their own insurance offers. That type of insurance would be charged separately from your VZW bill. You can check the store info here: , as this will help us share your experience with that location properly.

As for the phones themselves though, the insurance we offer on the phones is through Asurion. Normally we are only able to offer insurance during an Open Enrollment period, or during the initial purchase of a phone, although Asurion themselves could determine if your non-VZW phone would be covered by contacting them directly ( 888.881.2622 ). Have you contacted the insurance provider, even if it's not Asurion, to see what they said?


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Re: Verizon does not care, their employees are used car salesman, they either need to go back to school, or they are trained to lie.


I fully  agree with you tanya about verizon not caring about there costumers. I suggest you follow my lead and make a switch 2 a different phone carrier. I have only been with verizon for about 2 months didn't take long 2 figure it out.


Re: Verizon does not care, their employees are used car salesman, they either need to go back to school, or they are trained to lie.


None of your very long post makes sense. IT is all over the place. You refer to a phone that gets hot all the time yet you never tell us which phone make and model it is. You refer to a store in Large, FL but don't tell us the address. We can't verify if you have visited a corporate store or a retailer. My guess is a retailer.

I have not been able to find any information regarding your exact issue to point you in the right direction.

Has it been less than 14 days since you made this transaction for a new phone?