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Verizon Wireless charged me $300 for a phone that they say is damaged!

Soy cliente de ustedes desde hace más de 15 años. Service at that time was exceptional and has clearly changed since. I have had so many problems with a phone they gave me that was refurbished. I have been through at least 5 in the past year and all of them have acted up.I hate caling because the wait is so long and the service is typically rude and I am often told to reset my phone which is a headache. I mailed back a refurbished phone because it was not working correctly. I then get a email saying that I am being charged $300 because it is damaged. I call and I call and I call and the waits get so long that I call back. Finally I got through and spoke to a service rep. She emailed me a image of the phone which had a slight crack which was not there when I mailed it. I go back and forth and even speak to a manager and am told there was no way it could have happened while it went though shipping! I AM LIVID!!!!! I actually don't even know if that's my phone they even showed me the picture of. I tell them I want the phone back if I have to pay $300 bucks for it and they wont even do that! I feel so cheated! This is not a way to do business. I have been a customer for too long and pay to much for several lines and then for this to happen. Come on Verizon......this is just wrong!

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Re: Verizon Wireless charged me $300 for a phone that they say is damaged!

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If verizon states it is damaged you can take them to small claims court for the charge of $299

You see the return carrier could have damaged the device or the return warehouse could have damaged the device.

Do not let verizon telling you that they have photos since it means nothing let the court decide since there is doubt you damaged it.

You must send a formal dispute letter for that amount via Certified Return Receipt Requested from the US Postal Service and must pay all amounts not in dispute. After you get the green card receipt I would file with your local small claims court.

Do not arbitrate. Go to court. Add the fees for fi!ing, cost of the certified letter and the $299

Once verizon is served they will contact you. If they relent and pay you or credit your account make sure the agreement is sent to you in writing before you drop your court case. A fax back would be the quickest.

Good Luck