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Verizon Wireless Poor Effort


My headphone jack died last Friday so I called to have it replaced. I was told that there would be a replacement sent out and it should arrive Tuesday. I asked to have it shipped to my office since I would not be home during the day on Tuesday. The phone never showed up so I called on Wednesday. There was a problem with Fed Ex and the package data was incomplete. I was told that they (verizon) needed to contact Fed Ex and find out what was going on, no big deal... About an hour later I receive a call from Fed Ex explaining that they needed information about the phone that was missing, information that I did not have. They advised I contact Verizon and have them call in. I did just that. I was then told that if the missing phone was not replaced I would be held financially responsible. I asked ot speak to a supervisor. The lady I spoke with was professional and assured me it would be taken care of and apologized for having been told I would have to pay for a missing phone. A phone that I have never even seen. Which brings us to today. I go home from lunch and there is a Sorry We Missed You tag from Fed Ex. Damnit! This was supposed to have been mailed to my office!!! I call Verizon again... Blah, Blah, Blah, "we're sorry" the person you spoke with should have verified your address. FAIL Verizon, Seriously! So waiting on them to follow up again, still waiting on a replacement. Can't wait to get a refurb to replace the refurb that replaced the phone I think I paid north of $350.00 for in addition to a service that I am paying for that cannot even provide reliable service. Mods when you see this feel free to provide me with a corporate mailing address.

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