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Verizon WiFi Calling Outage, Suddenly Quit Working


We have suddenly lost the ability to make calls and establish an SMS connection via WiFi on various phones, including new flagships and at different WiFi locations in the region. This is an essential feature for us as we live in a remote area where cell service is mostly absent (the nearest tower is about 20 miles away). WiFi calling has worked well on our farm for the past couple years with almost no service interruptions until about 24 hours ago, when it stopped establishing a proper connection with Verizon.

Please make note of the following trobuleshooting steps that have ALREADY been attempted:

  • Multiple locations where WiFi exists but cell service does not exist have been tested.
  • Phones tested include a Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3XL, and a Samsung Glaxy S9 (all phones confirmed working 24 hours ago).
  • Phones, routers, networking equipment has been power cycled (rebooted) multiple times
  • Phones from multiple Verizon plan types have been tested.
  • Our zip code: 59489
  • Our ISP: Triangle Communications - Havre, MT (Fiber to the Home)
    • (We haven't tested another ISP yet. Could the issue be with the ISP?)

Have there been any other reports of WiFi Calling not working?

My recommendation is that this issue be immediately advanced to level 2 or 3 tech support. I hope that the issue is able to be resolved.


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Re: Verizon WiFi Calling Outage, Suddenly Quit Working


My texts are not sending over WiFi, theicuht the Verizon Messages+ app.

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