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Verizon Unlimited vs New Verizon Plans vs Business Unlimited


I currently have a multi line account for my family on the Verizon Unlimited Plan with a first responder discount.

We gave 9 smartphones (7 with device payments), 1 tablet, 1 watch, and 1 Hum. I want to add an esim to my iphone for a business line and I am being told that I would have to move to a Business plan. My problem is that the Business plans don't seem to compare to the Play more, Get more, or Do more plans when my children use their phones for work so 3 of them are using more than 30 - 35gb a month. The Business plans that would accomodate them seem to cost more based on my research. 

I need to know the most economical way to add this esim without having everyone pay more per month before insurance costs. Verizon's website is always information overload.

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Re: Verizon Unlimited vs New Verizon Plans vs Business Unlimited

Community Manager
Community Manager

I completely understand needing the best deal for your wireless needs, mp7853. I'm also sorry for the information overload. Even with all that info, there are still special situations, like this one.


Is your Business Line active on a Business Account? Are you able to just keep the number, and not have it linked to a Business Account? That would be the best way to use the eSIM without having to merge to a Business Plan.


What are your thoughts? 



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