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Verizon Security


Recently, I received a call on my Verizon cell phone, asking me to answer a survey about my Verizon service satisfaction for which I would receive credit on my Verizon bill.  Foolishly, I answered the questions and gave them my password to credit my account.  I then called to Verizon customer service to explain my error and alert them of this issue.  They confirmed it was a scam and put a secondary password and hot boxed my account to prevent any purchases or changes.  They confirmed this in an email minutes later.  Sometime several hours later, I checked my account online and saw that my phone device had been changed by the scammer via a phone call to Verizon using my password.  Verizon has corrected the issue and all passwords have been changed, but I wonder how the scammer was able to activate their phone several hours later to my account after I had alerted Verizon?

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