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Verizon Retail Outlet


After a decade with Verizon, this was the first time I have been disappointed. It wasn't with Verizon itself but with a retail outlet.

They pressured me into getting a jet pack. I must have told the salesperson at least twenty times that I wasn't interested in one. The two of them spent an hour pressuring and telling me what a great Black Friday deal I was getting. I was informed that I would get $10 credit every month, so it was free and to sweeten the deal; there would be another $100 credit on my account. I told them I really didn't care for any of that, I really did NOT want the jet pack.

I finally relented just to get out of there. The last thing I said to them was, "I really don't want the jet pack. I am really upset at Verizon right now for practically forcing me to get this." I remember frowning. The salesperson gave a weak laugh as if I was telling a joke. I turned around went back and told them I didn't want it. They spent another 10 minutes or so telling why it was so good for me. It was exhausting.

When I got home and talked to a representative, she confirmed what I had already known. There will be NO $10.00 discount on my bill and there is no $100 credit on my account. She double checked and went to make sure there wasn't some retail special. There wasn't. She apologized on behalf of the retailer. She was very courteous. She stated, "If the customers say they don't want something, you leave it alone."

I took it back within 12 hours of purchasing it. Now there is a $35.00 restocking fee on something that I never wanted and never even took out of the box. So much for saving money on Black Friday. I am really upset right now at the retailer. My otherwise good holiday weekend has been ruined. I feel like the salespeople at the retailer are a great deal like to a car salesperson.

I can't seem to shake this feeling. I also can't enjoy my new Note 5.

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Re: Verizon Retail Outlet

Líder Sénior

This is why I learned not to deal with retailers.  They sold me a faulty charger that worked for a Month, just long enough for return period to expire.

I Also wont deal with Walmart, Best Buy etc...


Re: Verizon Retail Outlet

Asistencia al cliente

I completely understand how you feel jss5512. We never want you feeling pressured into purchasing a device you don't need. I apologize you felt this way during your recent visit to the store.  Verizon Wireless has a strong customer commitment to delivering the best from our service and staff. I am disappointed to hear the service you received did not reflect this commitment.

I assure you they were only trying to offer you a service that they felt would benefit you. We offer all the available services and it's up to the customer to make the final decision. I can definitely submit your feedback regarding this experience. Please be assured appropriate action will be taken and we will continue providing ongoing training to all of our employees. We hope we can restore your confidence in Verizon Wireless and prove we are worthy of your continued business.

Please reply to the Direct Message I just sent so I can access the account and see what I can do to help with the restocking fee.

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