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Verizon Network Extendor

My family has been a loyal Verizon customer for YEARS now, and I've never been THIS frustrated.  The area I live in has always had good reception, until a few months ago when there are never any bars at home to call out or get calls coming in.  Finally, my friend told me about the "VZW Network Extendor".  Awesome.. I thought!  So I call VZW tech support for help and the rep had no idea what it was, but told me to go to the store and buy it.  No hay problema.

So I got to the first store.. and they're out.  They send me to a second store.. still out, then finally I drive to the third store hoping third time is the lucky number.  It was a crowded Saturday, so the manager at the front put me on the list to wait but told me for sure they had the Network Extendor (yay).  45 minutes later, I get helped.  The rep looks and looks, starts talking to other customers, and 30 minutes later I ask him what's up-- he says he can't find one in stock.  He passes me to another girl, and she can't find one either.  She tells me sorry but "their warehouse is out" and I need to call the 1-800 number.  For one, I don't even HAVE reception at home to call, and two, I already called and they told me to go to the store.

So I sit in the parking lot of VZW, trying to call. A rep named Jenice picks up and I ask her if she knows what the extendor is.  She says no, and I ask her "why not?".  And then she hangs up on me.  Frustrated, I try one more time.  A rep picks up and he says yes, he knows what it is.  He puts me on hold and 20 minutes later, says they're out and doesn't know what to do.. but will call me Tuesday.  Nice guy, but my problem is still not solved.

So here's my question:

1) Has ANYONE had this problem with VZW service and/or support before and

2) Does the Network Extendor even work (if I ever get to order one).


A very, very frustrate VZQ Customer

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