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Verizon Honest and T-Mobile Lies


Hello Everyone. I am a very happy Verizon customer who was curious as to how T-Mobile can steal away customers. I reached out to T-Mobile via chat to discuss going to them (Not actually considering switching) pretending to be a current AT&T customer and I let them (T-Mobile) know I was considering either them or Verizon. They continually mislead with incorrect information about Verizon and the services they provide.

I could see a person being manipulated to believe that T-Mobile does provide a service that is superior to Verizon. It is unfortunate that some companies don't operate with integrity.

Unfortunately I am not finding a way to attach the PDF of the discussion. Long story short, T-mobile states that Verizon throttles users 4G LTE data down to 2G speeds after 22 GB in a bill cycle. This is not True. Only during network congestion would someone be momentarily deprioritized. I have used over 100 GB each month for the last couple of months and I have never notice depriortization. The next lie was that the Mobile hotspot by Verizon is only at 3G speeds. Its actually 15 GB of 4G LTE speeds and then unlimited 3G speeds after that. Another lie was that the call and data quality would be better for me with T-Mobile than Verizon. This statement was made without even knowing what state or Zip code I was in.

I appreciate that Verizon has never mislead me. I am proud to work with a company that has integrity.

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Re: Verizon Honest and T-Mobile Lies

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Thank you for Sharing. Not a lot subscribers do that now days.