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Verizon Employee [removed]~1st Class Service & Support


To get a hold of their staff during non-business hours in a JOKE!  I had forgotten to pay my bill and at 10pm HST I was left with no internet of phone services.  I had received the message "the amount of credit cards updates you have made exceeded the limit"

It is now 1am and by the good grace of the man upstairs, I somehow was able to connect to a live operator.  To protect his personal privacy lets just cal himl  D.K.  Well D.K. did tell me that standard protocal is a 24 hr wait period to get my account reset.  However, what had most impressed me is before I could even start to tell him my sad story he said "though our standard protocol is to wait 24 hrs before assisting, I'm gonna speak to my mgr to get your services back up and running back right NOW.  Moments later I am now plugged in, as we say in Hawaii. MAHALO NUI LOA (Thank you very much)

All Verizon Customers .... You want someone who will get things done, give DAVID A CALL,  a genuine Verizon Rep with a great future ahead of hom!

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