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Verizon Customer Service Best Employee


I have spoken to five Verizon employees today and only one of them seemed like they genuinely wanted to help me. After dealing with two rude employees in the store and two more on the phone, I still was unable to solve the problem I was having switching phones / canceling data. This made me hesitant to call one more time, but I'm glad I did. I spoke to a woman named Monica. She was extremely helpful and explained everything to me in incredible detail to make sure I knew what I was doing, what phones require data packages, and all the other questions I had. I am a pretty bubbly person and it was so nice to speak to someone who was kind, helpful, informative, and delightful. I wish more Verizon employees were like this. I was so impressed that I decided to post this discussion in hope that whoever Monica is gets recognized. The only info I feel like I can give you is I called around 8pm on March, 29, 2014 from the Los Angeles area. Thank you Monica!!!

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