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Verizon Charging me for "un"returned phone


I added a line and upgraded during the pre-order of the S10's. One of the lines I upgraded, We decided to return the phone instead of buying it out. An iPhone 8 Plus, Owed $299. 

 We ordered the phones on the 5th of March, received them on the 9th or 10th. I did exactly as the return package said, Put the phone in the box, Taped it AT the UPS Store, Slapped the label on, they weighed it, got my receipt and left. I received a text saying they haven't received it yet, checked the tracking and it was in transit so I ignored it.

Received another text saying they hadn't received it, checked the tracking and said it was delivered. Thought, Ok, they haven't processed it yet...Ignored it. Then I was charged on my bill the $299 for this phone, so I called in and provided the tracking number to the rep. It was delivered to their Fort Worth location on 3/20/19.


The rep said he would investigate it, it would come off and I should be fine. A couple weeks later go by and still hadn't come off, so I called in again. Same thing, said I would see the credit on my next bill. Also asked me for the tracking number again, so I gave it to them...again. We're around Late April at this point.


Today, My new bill generated and guess credit for the phone. So I called in again...this time they told me they received the box but it was empty...LOL what? They said there is nothing they can do other than treat this as a insurance claim..where I pay the $199 deductible and they'll credit the rest. Nope...not doing that. This is not my fault. Phone was in the box, the weight of the box matches that of the iphone 8 and what a small box should weigh...Tracking said delivered...I have the receipt with the weight....


They want my to file a claim and told me that UPS probably wouldn't do anything. But UPS says since I am not the purchaser of the label (it was pre-paid) Verizon will need to file the claim. After some googling, apparentley this is a common issue at their Fort Worth return location.


No issues with verizon in 2 years til this. I will be filing a complain with the BBB and FTC unless they take ownership and get this taken care of. I will also be switching to a different carrier. This is ridiculous.

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