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Verizon AirCard - Unlimited 3g AirCard- Promised to be Unlimited Upon Transfer of Liability Only to Produce Several Hundred Dollars in Overage Charges. Who do we talk to in order to get this fixed????


I have had a Verizon 3G Unlimited AirCard for multiple years in addition to multiple cell phone lines. I spoke to a Verizon Rep in
November/December about adding a 3rd data plan. I stated how hesitant I was because I had an aircard, which was $59.99 per month and didnt want to shut it off, but didn't want to continue to pay that monthly bill. The Verizon Customer Service Rep asked me if I knew of anyone who wanted to use my AirCard, and I said "yes". He asked if that person was an existing Verizon Customer and I said "Yes". He then told me there was a very easy solution. He told me that the only thing I needed to do was to do a "transfer of liability" and that Verizon customer would then receive that line in their
name and would keep the Unlimited package, upgrade eligibility, and the current term of the plan. I was pretty excited and told him that is why I LOVE VERIZON. I went ahead and had him turn on the unlimited mobile hotspot on my phone and said I would call back to do the transfer. Less than a month later, I called back to re-confirm what he said and to add another data plan to our line.

So, instead of someone paying me for the unlimited aircard, they could just pay Verizon directly. The second Rep confirmed exactly what the first Rep had said. That the person assuming liability would keep the Unlimited Plan, Upgrade Eligibility, and Contract Term.

So, we ended up going through with the assumption of liability and I transferred the line to my mother. She received her first month's bill which was pro-rated. Then, she received her second month's bill. There were SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS in overage fees.

So, she called Verizon to straighten it out. The Rep called me and had us on a 3-way conversation. She agreed to remove the overage charges,
place the aircard back on the unlimited data plan, and then separate the aircard from my mother's other billings. After an hour long conversation, and
several apologies from Verizon, we thought we were all set.

BUT... Then, my mother received her 3rd bill. Again there were SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS in overage charges. Now, this customer service experience was much different. The Rep was unwilling to assist and said that the best she could do was issue a 10% credit. She indicated that she seen all the previous notes, but there was nothing she could do and that this aircard would have a 5gb limit. We explained how that was unacceptable and after almost an hour, after saying there were no supervisors, she got us on the phone with a supervisor. That supervisor, named "Katie" indicated there was no way she could put the aircard back on unlimited and that all she could do would be to fill out an inactive pricing request which would get denied.

After another hour with this SO_CALLED_SUPERVISOR, no credit was issued, no resolution, and now my mother is stuck with a plan that is virtually
USELESS to her and has stuck her with SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS in overage fees.

The ironic and most disappointing point is.. I have been a passionate Verizon Wireless customer since 1994. I have been promoting Verizon
Wireless Customer Service, Phones, AirCards, and Call Quality for years to everyone I know and to be treated like this is just a slap in the face.

To me, this is Verizon's mistake and a HUGE one at that. A regular Level I Rep may be unable to put a line back on a plan if it is no
longer active, but I guarantee there is someone within Verizon that can fix this. Someone in their IT department, a VP, Senior VP, CEO, someone!

It does exist as we have the unlimited 3g aircard on another line. So it IS still there, it is just not something that can be selected upon
a new purchase.. It is Verizon who changed the damn plan to begin with after they assured us it would not change.

I feel like they are questioning my intelligence. Do they really think I would have agreed to transfer liability if the aircard was going to now
hit a max when I was transferring to a family member who was already paying me the bill directly? I hate to tell them, I am not that stupid!

  It is funny how they can only read records in their system where a letter must have been "mailed" to confirm the new limited plan upon
transfer of liability, but they are unable to read all the notes about the previous phone calls where we were ASSURED the aircard would remain unlimited?


If this doesn't get resolved, I guess the only course of action is to plug in the other unlimited aircard we have in the family to an aircard
and use as much data as humanly possible with tens of users to get our monies worth..

  Please help!!!!


Re: Verizon AirCard - Unlimited 3g AirCard- Promised to be Unlimited Upon Transfer of Liability Only to Produce Several Hundred Dollars in Overage Charges. Who do we talk to in order to get this fixed????


I dont think they are going to try and resolve this---I can not believe it is turning out this way.

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