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Upgraded phone


Spent two and a half hours online today trying to upgrade two phones, had chat running and had two different operators during this  time it took so long. The kicker I still was unable to check out after all this. the website was having serious issues, tried all the tricks suggested by the chat operators, delete history, different browsers, different computers, compatibility view! And so on. Called customer care because chat operator finally agreed she could do no more and said they could do it.  Called and tried to get this done & put on hold while the rep tried to get the same deal the chat operator was promising in the end he could not. I know all the issues with the unlimited plan which I have, chat operator assured me, yes I have a copy of the chat, that once I picked another plan online I could call the customer care line and they would allow me to remain on my plan. This apparently was an outright lie, as the rep said in no uncertain terms they cannot do this. So why then would they say (type) this , I cannot believe that this was an honest mistake and they are trying to get us off this plan at all costs and will sink to any means necessary to include to bait and switch us customers. On a side note I know two people who upgraded and after having issues with data notifications we able to return to their unlimited plan. I checked their brand new Samsung S 4 they just upgrades to the 2 gb plan had indeed returned to unlimited. So it must be possible. After today changing my provider doesn't seem like a bad idea, like most I hate change and have had Verizon for longer that I can remember, 20 years?? I guess I have until the last of my three phones come off contract. Bad day today for Verizon could not have been more perplexed and pissed off by the complete opposite views of their own employees and the time wasted to obtain nothing.

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