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Upgrade problems

So my problems started when I tried to upgrade my phone on Sept. 30. It said the iphone was backordered for 2 weeks and i was ok with that. A week later it says my order is on hold and I go to the store and ask why and they tell me there is a fraud alert on the account. I get that taken care of and they tell me I have to reorder it because the other one got cancelled. So I did, and the same exact thing happened a week later. So, I supposedly got it taken care of again and had to re order the phone. This being the third time, i was like surely they got it taken care of. Then I receive an email saying your order has been cancelled. So I call and noone can tell me why or how it was cancelled, but they said i should try ordering from a store. So I go to a Verizon store and they couldnt tell me what was wrong with the order. So I decided to give them another chance and I ordered it from the store. They told me it would ship by 11/21/14. Well a week later i get an email from verizon saying your order is on hold. I call and they tell me "Ok, I approved it and it should go through." So now its 4 days past the date it was supposed to ship and i havent got a shipping number or anything. And when I call they just say it will probably be tomorrow. I am about to be done with Verizon. What should i do to finally be able to get a phone?

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Re: Upgrade problems


Get a phone that is readily available. LG G3, Galaxy S5 and Note 4 come to mind.

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