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[URGENT] - Having issues transferring a line


I currently have my own 2-year plan with Verizon. My sister [19] was (is?) on our aunt's plan, but she has been/will be kicked off. My sister's number was released.

I called the number to have her transferred over (and all of that transfer of liability stuff). The first time I was told to pay the past due balance first, okay - went to Verizon store and paid on my bill, and the man working have me the number to call again.

I called that afternoon, and though it did take awhile, it seemed like it all went through fine. The rep on the phone said to go to My Verizon and accept the ToA, which I had done previously. But she didn't mention any issues when we were on the phone (her name was Audrey, she was very nice).

But nothing has happened, and now my aunt is down my throat, my sister is getting close to tears, and it's unbelievably stressful. What am I supposed to do to get this done? The sooner the better, please - I just want this damn thing over with!

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Re: [URGENT] - Having issues transferring a line

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call @ 888 832 4540