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UPS - lost returned phone?


I am *very* concerned that UPS has lost my returned (under warranty) phone. Should have been picked up from drop box Friday, November 6 at 7:30 PM (I saw the truck), but no record exists of the package yet. I have read some horror stories involving a 3-way he-said, she-said between Verizon, UPS, and the customer where ultimately the customer got stuck with the cost of the phone!

The tracking number is [removed]

UPS is stonewalling me ("Unfortunately, we are unable to check this package since there is no tracking detail it ever entered in the UPS system. At this point, we do recommend to contact the shipper who requested the return for further assistance.").

Tracking number removed as required by the

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Re: UPS - lost returned phone?

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Never use a Dropbox ever. Since it is not logged into the system then UPS, FedEx, and even USPS is free and clear and all liability falls on you. There is nothing to show it left your hands.