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Trying to reach customer service....

I wanted to send an email but didn't find that option online now. I found a phone number so I tried to call and an app on my phone came up and won't let me call. How do you get in touch with people???
We've been charged upgrade fees that we were never told about. The account should be getting a 20% discount, but is only getting 8%. I think I need to look for the corporate account rep for Ashland employees and maybe she can get something done.

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Re: Trying to reach customer service....


I have been repeatedly harassed by phone calls - ROBO calls - from Verizon itself and I have repeatedly tried to get in touch with them to explain that they have made an error in my bill. HELP!!! I want to resolve it but have spent hours on the phone - It is their mistake, and I would like to explain it, but tough luck unless you have a lot of time to try phone service, and when you get on there is no recourse above the operator who has only a bit of info at their disposal.

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